℗ Preston Hire - Meet Team Member Joe Canals


It seems that racing is in our DNA! We love to learn more about our staff, their passions and what they get up to in their spare time. We recently chatted to one of our Technicians from Preston Hire Victoria who has been a motorsport fan from an early age and now competes in the skillful category of Drifting!

When did you first start competing in motorsports? 

My love for motorsport came from an early age, I started out around the age of 13 racing on road mini bikes, from there I progressed in to Go karting racing amongst some familiar names such as Scott McLaughlin and Tim Blanchard etc for around 4-5 years, after a break for a couple of years in my late teens early twenties I decided to get back into my love of motorsport and take up a relatively new kind called Drifting. 

What do you love about drifting? 
I think what draws me to drifting is the ability to Setup and Control a car that is considered out of control, that and the shear wow factor it gives to people. There’s nothing quite like going 180km/h in a car but then to do it sideways with another car just inches away it’s a whole new level of adrenalin. 

What is the most challenging part of mastering the skills required for drifting? 
Without doubt it would have to be the car control!, Just like a V8 Supercar we have our steering wheel, pedals and gear shifter but we also have the Hand brake to use to keep the car under control. Many tracks and courses we drive on have concrete walls scattered throughout with the demand to have your car just millimeters away, it only takes one small mistake to write off a race car. Another big requirement is car setup whilst many people believe we take grip out of our cars just like a V8 supercar we dial in as much grip as possible.

Who is your favourite Supercars team???!!!! 
Call me biased but it has to be Preston Hire Racing doesn’t it?! You can’t beat an awesome looking Yellow livery that stands out to the crowd! That and working for an incredible company and team of people that share the same passion as I do. 


Watch Joe In Action