Preston Hire is committed to the prevention of injury/illness through the provision of a safe working environment by successful management of occupational health and safety and welfare
Preston Hire recognises the importance of its people and will provide and strongly support rehabilitation for any employee who sustains a work related injury or illness. Rehabilitation will be offered as an early part of therapy to assist the maximum recovery to full employment and pre-injury duties.


Preston Hire recognises the following commitments:
•    Prevention of injury or illness through the provision of a healthy and safe working environment is a primary aim;
•    The rehabilitation process is commenced as soon as possible after an injury or illness in a manner consistent with medical advice;
•    Ensuring that a 'return to work' as soon as possible is a normal practice and expectation;
•    Providing suitable duties within the workplace for injured or ill employees is an integral part of the rehabilitation process;
•    Consultation with our employees and appropriate industrial unions of employees to ensure our rehabilitation program operates effectively;
•    Ensuring that participation in a rehabilitation program will not prejudice an injured employee.

Employees should discuss rehabilitation procedures with a nominated Return to Work/Rehabilitation Coordinator as soon as possible after an illness or injury. Return to Work Programs will be developed in a manner that is consistent with medical advice.


The implementation of this policy is a management responsibility. The achievement of an effective Rehabilitation and Return to Work program is also a collective responsibility and the commitment of all employees to this policy and its procedures is required to ensure the highest possible levels of performance.


Our aim is to provide ongoing implementation and to review this document every 2 years or as required.


Managing Director
Markus Preston

Operations Manager
Jenny Grosvenor

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