For over 40 years, Preston Hire has provided quality construction equipment hire and services that our many customers have come to count on

As a leader in the provision of specialist construction, infrastructure, civil and commercial equipment hire for over 40 years, we are proud of our history, our people and the reputation for trusted and reliable customer assistance we have become renowned for providing to our clients.  Preston Hire have always held to our belief in hard work and attention to detail that gets the job done - and done well - so you can always count on Preston Hire to offer the right advice and quality equipment from the start of your project through to completion and to deliver a project-specific response that is focused on your business - not ours.


Preston Hire mission is to provide the highest quality products and services to our customers, supported by innovative use of the best in current technology, cost-efficient practices and safety initiatives.

Quality & Safety

With new competition appearing everyday Preston Hire recognise the increasing importance of Quality Management to both our business and our stakeholders. Our mission is to provide the best in current technology and products adhering to the highest possible quality standards for our valued customers.  

With this being a priority, Preston Hire is proud to be Third Party Certified for Quality Management by meeting the standards of ISO 9001 since 2015.

ISO 9001 has become one of the most recognisable certifications in the world across all industries with over one million organisations recognised after its establishment over 30 years ago. Achieving ISO 9001 Certification is the first step in a process of continual improvement for our company as we develop further skills to improve our working practices in every aspect of the organisation.

Industry Involvement

Preston Hire holds memberships in several key rental and crane hire industry associations. By contributing to and supporting these associations in their valuable work in developing, promoting and maintaining safe and effective industry standards and practices, we are actively delivering on our commitment to provide the best for our customers.

Preston Hire is a member of:

• The Hire and Rental Industry Association (HRIA)

• The Crane Industry Council of Australia (CICA) and CICA NSW (formerly the Crane Industry Association of NSW Inc)

• Elevating Work Platform Association of Australia (EWPA)