Preston Hire is serious about safety, sustainability and quality control; there is nothing more important to us than the safety of all those who work for us, those we work with and those who work around us.

The following Contractor Induction process provides a common understanding of our expectations and values so Preston Hire and our contractors can achieve our mutual goals of delivering superior service and support to every client.

Becoming a Preston Hire Contractor

The engagement of contractors at Preston HIre involves the following steps:

  1. All service personnel are required to complete the online 'Contractor Induction'.
  2. All service personnel who enter our sites are required to complete a ‘Crane Operator Familiarisation’ checklist. (Please note that the minimum of a C2 mobile slewing crane licence is required to operate all mobile crawler cranes)
  3. When contractors enter a Preston Hire site they will also need to undergo a short site induction to inform them of unique site characteristics and safety arrangements.

Preston Hire closely monitors the performance and behaviour of contractors to ensure that all appropriate safety standards, and the level of service we expect for our clients, are being met. This also provides an opportunity for our contactors to provide feedback to Preston Hire on how we can work together more productively to deliver for our clients.