Nicholas Schembri - ℗Preston Hire Racing Nicholas Schembri wins on and off the track

℗ Preston Hire Racing Nicholas Schembri Wins on and off the track

℗ Preston Hire Racing Nicholas Schembri not only presents himself as a champion on the race course but also for what he does off the track. For those who may not know Nicholas donates 10% of all his winnings to the Starlight Children's Foundation. Not only is he an advocate for the charity but also his family. Nicholas mother and sister also get involved at the many Startlight Foundation events, by collecting donations.

"I am very thankful of all my sponsors and together we are building a great network within in my team. To be an ambassador of Starlight Children's Foundation Australia is a very rewarding piece of the puzzle, I am very thankful to family and friends for their support of my passion of karting and to be able to donate and assist this charity that's main aim is to just put smiles on the face of children in their time of need is very amazing and I hope that many children find fun in following me on Facebook. Thanking all the team at Starlight for the very kind words. Looking forward to 2016 fund raisers". Said Nicholas