Preston Hire is a proud, Australian company with a strong and successful history in the hire & rental equipment industry.
Now employing over 60 staff members nationally and internationally, Preston Hire has significantly grown from modest but proud beginnings.

The brand has evolved in its client approach, operations, product offering and … its name!

From 1969 Preston Erection was the business that construction companies called upon for their mobile crane and scaffold needs.Then owned and led by John Preston.
In retro days gone by, political correctness was far more relaxed and the name ‘Preston Erection’ didn’t “raise” an eyebrow or create a grin…much!
A very clever marketing idea from the business original owners, along with the bright vibrant pink colour that attracted attention.

Taking its name from the definition of…

[mass noun] The action of erecting a structure or object.
[count noun] A building or other upright structure. 

Preston Erection proudly serviced the Sydney Metro area as specialists in structural steel erection, scaffolding and mobile cranes.
In 2001 a rebrand took place and Preston Hire became the dominant, specialised but recognisable brand you see today. 

Group Managing Director of Preston Hire, Markus Preston, said “The Supercars Sandown Retro Round is the perfect opportunity for us to share our (my) proud company history, how we have evolved and also highlights some of the humorous changes within society over the years.  Alongside other partners from Preston Hire Racing, I love that our retro livery showcases both our preceding logos and colours through to our current offerings. I have no doubt it will get some attention!”